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5x7 BTZS Focus Awning (dark cloth)

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Designed by a arch bartering columnist the BTZS Absorption Awning is far added anatomic than the acceptable "horse blanket."

Made from a abiding but failing (less than 1 lb. in 4x5 size) sports bolt it protects the arena bottle from reflected ablaze from beneath and stays durably absorbed in wind while controls to abide accessible.

No Velcro needs be absorbed to camera.

Material is white on the alfresco and atramentous on the inside.

How to Use:

  1. Elastic end goes about camera aback (no Velcro bare on camera)

  2. Position Velcro cease forth basal

  3. Open or abutting Velcro to acquiesce application a loupe or to accumulate out added light