Workshop in New Mexico - Nov 3rd - Nov 9th

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I am administering a branch this November with my acquaintance Lynn Radeka. For ample architecture photographers accomplishing BTZS or absent to apprentice BTZS, I will be alms one chargeless BTZS blur analysis and additionally including the BTZS Acquirements Special. Already you accept done the blur analysis you will be able to amount your blur analysis into the ExpoDev affairs for the iPhone/iPad.

Also I will be alive with you to advise you the adventure system. Phil Davis consistently accomplished how to use an adventure beat at the BTZS workshops. This will be an befalling to apprentice BTZS and booty photographs in some amazing places. This is a acreage of admirable vistas, age-old dwellings, absurd apparition towns, celebrated churches and some of the world's best abnormal and photogenic backdrop and how to use your adventure beat in all the altered ablaze from aboriginal morning to backward in the day and at atomic one evening. Phil Davis consistently spent one black photographing in the evening. You will get to see how the ExpoDev affairs does reciprocity. If you charge recommendations on an adventure meter, amuse acquaintance me.

When you get the BTZS Acquirements Appropriate be abiding to apprehend in the D-Max Newsletter all of Aggregate 9. In Aggregate 9, Affair 4 you will see how Phil affected reciprocity.

We will accommodated for banquet on November 3rd, the night afore the branch begins, so anybody can get to apperceive anniversary other. The branch is from November 4th to November 9th.

We will be photographing for six days, so accompany affluence of blur and/or anamnesis cards. Afterwards banquet anniversary night we will analysis photographs from that day. For the ample architecture photographers, booty a photograph of your arena bottle for anniversary photograph and/or booty a "similar" agenda photograph that we can review. This way, we can go over your images and metering from your ExpoDev files.

For the ample architecture photographers, amuse watch my video on traveling with area blur and BTZS:

For the agenda photographers, be abiding to accompany abundant anamnesis cards as we will be photographing the majority of the day. I would acclaim bringing a computer, so you can see the images you booty anniversary day and additionally to aback up your anamnesis cards. I you accept a new agenda camera or you haven’t acclimated your camera recently, be abiding to accompany your apprenticeship manual. Additionally be abiding to accompany a athletic tripod and a arch that you can akin and pan either larboard or appropriate to do panoramas. An archetype is apparent in this video:

For added advice on the workshop:

If you accept questions, amuse feel chargeless to email or alarm me.

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