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Website Development & Video Production don't have to be boring

-As a website design and video production professional, Ron Haley has consistantly delivered state of the art websites and video productions. Immersive websites enable the user to interact with their online environment and Ron develops Adobe Flash websites which literally enables users to "swim" within your online environment. From gaming content to customized user experiences, Ron can develop a marketing and communications channel that will become an indespensible part of your marketing strategy. We also film, produce, edit and broadcast media content in high quality HD with a focus on YouTube, Facebook and social media channels. As a video producer and editor, Ron is able to embed HD video in a way that allows users to more quickly understand our product and it's benefits. YouTube and Facebook embedded pages allow your customers to interact with you in more meaningful ways. Feel free to move around our website to see how we can help you reach more customers in more meaningful and intuitive ways. Ron graduated Summa cum Laude from URI with 3 degrees in Communications, Computer Science and Computer Networking, so you can be assured you will receive the benefit of the most modern and up to date technology.


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